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Thought of the day
When life kicks you, kick it back!!!!

- Ara
Kalecgos (PvP)
Our Legion
Hi, I have been a WoW lover for a little less than a year! But man is it GREAT! I was an Alliance only at one point, but fell in love with the HORDE!!! Now I am the leader of an amazing guild and cant wait to build it from the bottom up!!!

Welcome to our guild page!!!

Here in Souls of Vengeance we are a fun family friendly guild.
Whether you have been playing since the beginning or new to
 World of Warcraft there is a place for you here.
We welcome you to give our guild a shot, all levels, races, classes and experience is welcome!
If you are unsure if this guild is the right fit for you go to our questionnaire page and see if you would fit in (but we are sure you will)!
To become a member we are on guild finder on World of Warcraft,
or send a message or whisper to our Guild Master Aranelgurth
or our second in command Spillblood, we will respond promptly!

We are welcoming trial bases members to insure you feel comfortable and gain the confidence that you will feel like family.

We look foreword to hearing from you and happy hunting!!!
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